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Taffijn Piano Supply, an experienced wholesaler where you can find everything concerning pianos. New or used instruments, grand or upright pianos, from benches to piano-parts. You can find just about everything at TPS.


But, just like all companies, taffijn started off much smaller.


Taffijn Piano Parts

In 1976, Erik Taffijn and his wife, Hilda, founded "Taffijn Piano Parts".
At first pianos were bought on the Belgian private market, restored and sold back on the same market.
Because of the restorations of different brands of grand and upright pianos (Bechstein, Steinway, Gunther, Gaveau, Yamaha, Kawai), it soon became clear that there wasn't a good supply of piano-parts. To solve this problem, Erik and Hilda started to offer piano-parts and accessories. This was possible because of the many travels Erik undertook at that time.
Because of this expansion of their activities on international level, Taffijn Piano Parts became a wholesaler.


Taffijn Piano Supply BVBA

On the first of april 2009, Sven Taffijn and his wife, Kathleen, took over the company.
It speaks for itself that you can't "just" take over a company lik this without the necessairy knowledge and experience.
Throughout the previous years, Sven and Kathleen worked side by side with Erik and Hilda.
Because of the experience they build up throughout those years and the support of a team of professional co-workers, Sven and Kathleen are able to help you with the same quality, enthousiasm and passion as Erik and Hilda did.


Merchants can still go to TPS for piano-parts.
In meanwhile, Taffijn is also importor, distributer of piano-parts and accessories like hammers from Abel, Spring Steel Wire from Röslau, the Easy-Lift System,... It is also possible to let TPS make or remake the strings of your piano.
Taffijn recently developped its own production line of quality tools. This to complete the excisting offer of quality tools on the market.

Their offer of pianos has also gone through some changes throughout the years.
80% of their used pianos come from Japan. TPS checks them and regulates them according to the clients wishes.
Their offer of new pianos has also grown.
Taffijn is the main importer, distributor of Samick (Indonesia and Korea) for the Belenux, Austria and Eastern Europe.
Next to Samick, TPS is also main importer, distributor of Seiler in Belgium.
The latest expansion of their new pianos are the instruments of Mason & Hamlyn and the digital pianos of Roland.


Merchants who would like a complete overview of our offerings can always ask for a dealer login (non-commital). The catalogue of the piano-parts, accessories and tools is still under construction. It will be finished as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding!

Privat persons can always contact Taffijn Piano Supply or a merchant in the neighbourhood for more information.



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